Sunday, December 23, 2012


I can't believe it. Today is my eighteenth birthday! As I look back over the years, I am simply in awe of God's mercy, providence, and love. It's so tremendously amazing. 
I am so thankful!

With a brand new year ahead, my prayer is that I might be bold and let my light shine
I know it'll be a challenge, but I know that with God's help, I can do it. 
I struggle greatly with voicing my opinion.
I'm kinda shy.
I want to slowly crack that shell,
And shine bright.

So, here's to a brand new year.
To the memories to be made.
To the future and all it holds.

Thank you dear readers, for continuing to follow me, even though I'm awful at keeping up with it.
I really do appreciate you. 
Every comment, makes my day.
I love you guys!



  1. Sorry I didn't see this till now. HAPPY 18th BDAY SARAH!!! And thank you for the comment you just left me. :) Happy New Years!


  2. awesome!!!