Thursday, June 9, 2016


A thing easier said than felt 
A feeling that comes and leaves all too quickly. 
It's funny how quickly we can catch ourselves looking to what we don't have, what the future holds, the trips we'll take, the work we'll do. 
We forget to be content in whatever state we are in. 
Right now is what we have 
Today is the day that we get to live 
Live it with full contentment 
Enjoy each moment. The good and terrible. The joys and sorrows. 
The encouragement and frustrations.
I'm so guilty of this myself. 
It's easy to think of the things that we think we should have, but don't 
The things we believe that we deserve, which we don't 
When Paul said "I have learned to be content in whatever state I am in, whether I have plenty or little,.." He really meant it. He found a great thing when he found contentment.
 "Now godliness with contentment is great gain." 
When I read that I realized something.
I have been searching to find fulfillment in things that really don't matter. 
It doesn't matter how I look
What I wear
Who likes me 
Who doesn't 
It doesn't matter because I have realized that true value can only be found in Him.
There is nothing in this world that fill us. 
It doesn't say good clothes with contentment is great gain 
Or lots of money with contentment is great gain
Or many friends with contentment is great gain.
It says " g o d l i n e s s with contentment is GREAT GAIN." 

All for His glory,
Sarah J

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