Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let me introduce myself....

My name is Sarah
I am the oldest of 9 kids.... and I don't mean goats.
I was born and still currently live and work on a dairy farm somewhere up in Canada.
( ya, the place where we live in igloos and ride polar bears :)
I'm home schooled and will be graduating this spring. 
I love God with everything I am and strive to bring glory to Him in everything I do.

So that pretty much sums up my life. 
Pretty interesting, eh?

Anyways... welcome to my life :)
 why don't ya take your coat off and stay awhile?


  1. yay for starting a blog! :)

    i was also home schooled. we probably have heaps in common. :)


  2. Hi! Just found your blog! I'm the oldest girl in a family of 10 kids. I have 6 brothers (two older, four younger) and 3 younger sisters! I turned 18 on December 15th, and will graduate this summer! and I'm homeschooled!! :) looking forward to reading more!